Are You a SugaPlum Rebel Too?

Are You a SugaPlum Rebel Too?

You know who you are. You’re different. Some might say a bit weird. Or strange. But you know you’re not. You’re actually special. A limited edition. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Maybe you didn’t always fit in. Or you stood on the edges a bit. Or perhaps you Loved being the center of attention. You may have walked a different path but you always got where you wanted to go. And now is no exception.

A Rebel is one who dares. Who shows the way. One who walks into the unknown with courage. We’re here to learn, to love fully, to play at this game of life.


And that SugaPlum? A tasty treat of course! That something special you crave, and want a bit more of. Whether you are hard on the outside or not, we know your heart is full of sugar for those that hold the keys.


It’s not about gender. It’s not about age. It’s more of a philosophy. It’s simply who we are.

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