The Story of SugaPlum Rebel…


In August of ’18 I had a run in with some sand and a bike at Burning Man and broke my wrist. In the midst of thanking the Universe for all the blessings!

This was rather unexpected, and led me into many months of difficulty. 

Freaking out.

As I lay in bed, hardly working (and I'm self-employed, so that's not good) as typing was challenging, hell EVERYTHING was challenging, I had a thought: This could be a great time to start painting again! 

However I soon realized that not only could I not open the damn paint, pretty much every step of the process was beyond my ability at that time. Living alone and already feeling down didn't help. 

Damn it.

So, now what?

After snooping around I found a way to play with my art and keep myself sane.

I’ve been enjoying doing my own social media, making memes and graphics for my pages, which connected me to my graphic designer days and was truly therapeutic for me.

So what if I blended all of that with other applications?

And so I started playing with leggings, pillows and other items that would be ‘friendly’ to my work and style.

It was such fun, I was hooked! And it took some of the sting out of my broken wrist too.

Then one day as I was playing with names and how to brand it, a friend sent a text calling me Sugar Plum. Wait. What?! No one had ever called me that before.. but it felt right … and from there SugaPlum Rebel was born.

Cuz if you know me you know that I may be sweet, but I’ll always embrace the Rebel in us all…. 

Welcome to the SugaPlum Rebel Collection… so glad to have you here.

We're based in Florida, and we just LOVE adding to the lives of others through positive messages and joyful clothing. We hope you find something you love and want to have for your own. 

If you have any questions, just reach out... and always always keep the heart of a SugaPlum Rebel!